Community Powered


Asheville, North Carolina

The Appalachian Region has a rich history full of music, arts, crafts and community. This history is alive in our home, Asheville, North Carolina. The creative process, with it's self-amplifying nature, thrives here and we are so grateful for our immersion into such a supportive community of artisans and craftspeople. It is through connections in our community that we find ideas that sparked some of our favorite designs, nearly all of our materials, and our friends when the work day is over. Our community is not unlike a pallet... Strong, sturdy, beautiful and supportive, and an altogether integral part of our craft. 

Local Sourcing & Production

From the moment a pallet crosses over the city line, our entire production process happens within a 5 mile radius. Our friends over at Biltmore Iron & Metal maintain a haphazard collection of broken refrigerators, cars, garden equipment, and other metallic curios. We source our pallets from a myriad of places including; friends, abandoned piles, scrapyards and, sometimes we hit up the local pallet re-seller for the really good stuff. Materials are then transported two miles to our shop where pieces are broken down, cut to size, assembled & finished to be sold in the heart of Downtown Asheville. I know it's cliche to say "It doesn't get more local than this..." but., well....yeah.

Community Relationships

We are happy to work with individuals as well as business to bring their visions to a reality from the beginning design process to a creative, innovative solution which sends the message they want to convey. We don't deal in contracts as much as relationships based on mutual understanding. We reach out to scores of artists in the community to collaboratively deliver a unique product which will suit the needs and desires of a client for decades to come. It is our desire to create relationships with clients in which we are both continually successful, happily growing, and enriching the community in which we live and love!

"I think true success is intrinsic... It's love. It's kindness. It's community." -Tom Shadyac