How Can We Help Ya?


We pride ourselves on being a highly dynamic team of individuals who enjoy meeting new challenges with creativity and solid craftsmanship. In our off time, we are continually developing new products that we either consistently have on hand or can produce to order. Feel free to browse these products on the "Catalog of Products" page.

We also specialize in working with individuals or small business owners. At Artful Pallet, one of the most exciting things we get to do is team up with local folks who identify with our mission and want a durable, aesthetically forward line for home or business. From there, we can transform & utilize space by conveying your vision into our craft. We are limited only by your imagination!

How it works...

For The Home

Let's assume you have recently purchased a new home and have an awkward kitchen nook that has been difficult to furnish. It can be hard and expensive to find the perfect piece, pre-manufactured by a company hundreds, maybe thousands of miles away from you. Let us also assume your kitchen nook looks like this photograph on the right.

At Artful Pallet, we work with you to construct the perfect fit for any space. Check out the images below to see how this nook was transformed using locally sourced and upcycled pallet wood, bottle caps & bicycle gears.



Commercial & Business

We know there is a lot to consider when thinking about how to furnish a new business or update existing fixtures for an established location. Trying to anticipate the needs of small business owners, we at Artful Pallet have honed our process to produce long-lasting, eco-friendly, community building furnishings on a budget. Whether you need a single display unit or a hundred chairs, we are excited to work with you, your vision, and your budget to create a visually striking and cost effective line. We use only hardwood materials that have been A/C heat treated to remove all humidity. We then treat with linseed oil to weatherproof all finished products for decades of functionality. Contact Us to set up a totally free brainstorming session to discuss your needs. 

From Design to Fulfillment

This slide show illustrates a common way in which we have produced products in the past. In this particular instance, a really nice guy wanted us to create 20 frames for these maps to be hung around the city. Luckily for us, he provided us with a prototype template. From there we took measurements and set about recreating and replicating the design 20 times. So much character and beauty shows through these woods and we were very pleased at the quality of these frames!